Mountain Twister

A refreshingly lively beverage

A naturally tangy, refreshing and non-alcoholic apple mix beverage enriched with carbonic acid.

Mountain Twister
Mountain Twister



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Clear, pale yellow.


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Lively, fruity (apple).


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Refreshing, fruity, apple aroma.


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2 - 3


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35 % alcohol-free beer made from water, barley malt, hops, 22% apple juice concentrate, sugar, natural aromas. Carbon dioxide, acidifier: citric acid E330, colour: E150, preservative: potassium sorbate E202, sodium benzoate E211.

Energy value per 100ml

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129 - 149 kJ / 33 kcal

Nutritional value

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fats: <  0.5g
of which: 

  • saturated fatty acids: <  0.1g
  • carbohydrates   8.2g   

of which:  

  • sugar   7.1g
  • protein <  0.5g
  • salt <  0.01g

Product unit

  • 33 cl, pack of 6 bottles
  • 33 cl, beer crate of 20 bottles

Goes well with

Anytime you’re thirsty. Refreshing! Apple sorbet and streusel cake.

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