Harder - helles Bockbier

Tempting, refreshing, strong

This rather special stout is a tribute to Mount Harder, our local peak.


Harder - helles Bockbier
Harder - helles Bockbier


A bottom-fermented bock beer with well-rounded malt aromas and a hint of sapphire hops, accompanied by a distinct yet pleasant bitterness.


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Rich golden, lovely white foam head.


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Fruity, with subtle citrus notes.


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Sweet start soon followed by delicate yet tart hop notes. The typical alcoholic kick perfectly rounds off the tart notes in the finish.

Bitterness IBU

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25 - 30


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7 - 9

Alcohol content

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7.2% ABV


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Water, barley malt, hops

Energy value per 100ml

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221 - 241 kJ / 60 kcal

Product unit

  • 33 cl, pack of  6 bottles
  • 33 cl, beer crate of 24 bottles

Goes well with

This beer is for those precious moments in life – but isn't every moment precious in its own way? Perfect with sumptuous roasts and rich soups, e.g. pumpkin soup. Also with mature cheeses, from soft to hard, and excellent with blue cheese. Combining with any dessert on a nut or almond basis is a great idea.

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