Rugenbräu Panaché

A thirst quencher par excellence

The symbiosis between the lemonade from Adelboden and the beer from Rugenbräu equals perfection from the first sip to the refreshing and fruity finish.


Rugenbräu Panaché
Rugenbräu Panaché


Our Rugenbräu Panaché with 60% Rugenbräu Beer and 40% Mineralquelle Adelbodner Lemonade unites two regional brands in a superb shandy.


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Pale yellow, white foam with a medium bubbly head.


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Fruity, with pronounced lemon notes.


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Sweet start, subtle creaminess with a pronounced lemon aroma.

Bitterness IBU

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12 - 18


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3 - 4

Alcohol content

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2.9% ABV


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60% Rugenbräu Beer and 40% Mineralquelle Adelbodner Lemonade.

Energy value per 100ml

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148 - 168 kJ / 37 kcal

Product unit

  • 33 cl, beer crate of 24 bottles 
  • 50 cl, pack of 6 cans

Goes well with

Riz Casimir

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