Spezial Dunkel

Special roast aromas, powerful and dark

The traditional beer speciality for lovers of beer with roast aromas.


Spezial Dunkel
Spezial Dunkel



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Fiery and dark to black.


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Pleasant roast aromas with hints of caramel, subtle chocolate.


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Malt aromas, full-bodied with pleasant residual sweetness and prominent roast aromas, soft and subtle caramel notes in the finish.

Bitterness IBU

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23 - 33


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70 - 90

Alcohol content

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5.2% ABV


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Water, barley malt, hops.

Energy value per 100ml

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179 - 190 kJ / 43 kcal

Product unit

  • 33 cl, beer crate of 10 bottles
  • 33 cl, beer crate of 24 bottles
  • 20 l, Beerkeg

Goes well with

Dark meats such as roasts and stews, smoked sausage or full-flavoured soft cheese.


Swiss Beer Award 2019/2020

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