Sold Out - Brauer Edition No.1 "Eiszapfen"

Our Winter Beer is called Icicle – available only in the cold season!

The classic winter beer with attitude.


Brauer Edition No.1 "Eiszapfen"
Brauer Edition No.1 "Eiszapfen"


A winter beer with sweet maltiness and crisp, tart hop aroma.


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Pale amber

Alcohol content

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5,8% ABV


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Refreshing lemon notes paired with subtle maltiness.

Bitterness IBU

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22 - 25


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Sweet maltiness and crisp, tart hops evolve into a complex interplay of flavours. This is complemented in the finish by a pleasantly punchy blend of alcohol and subtly tart hops.


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11 – 15


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Water, BARLEY MALT, corn, hops

Energy value per 100ml

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214 kJ / 51 kcal

Product unit

  • 33 cl, pack of 6 bottles
  • 33 cl, beer crate of 24 bottles

Goes well with

The new Eiszapfen (Icicle) goes brilliantly with traditional Swiss winter fare such as elbow pasta with ham and onion, Graubünden barley soup or Swiss-style melted cheese on bread. 

Also a lovely dessert accompaniment to apple fritters with warm vanilla sauce, oven-baked cinnamon pudding or cinnamon ice cream. A winter poem!

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