Fleur de Bière "BARREL EDITION"

Fleur de Bière 2019 – cask stored for 8 years

The Fleur de Bière "BARREL EDITION" spends several years maturing in oak barrels, thus absorbing the aromas that are present in the wood.


35cl, 43% ABV, Fr. 37.80 incl. VAT

Shipping costs Switzerland: Fr. 25.00, incl. VAT (from 6 bottles free shipping).

Fleur de Bière  "BARREL EDITION"
Fleur de Bière "BARREL EDITION"


Complex and multi-layered.


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Pale yellow, intense oak hue.


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Strong to full texture, long-lasting intense fullness, with unusually strong warmth and fine mouthfeel, soft finish with spectacular aftertaste.


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Fruity floral scents of quince and yellow cowslip in combination with lightly roasted coffee notes leave a complex impression. The hop aromas are enduring and lend this cask-aged beer brandy a particularly mature bouquet.


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Soft and juicy on the palate, delicate malty components, very pleasant sweet finish with light vanilla and yeasty notes. Full of character and distinguished by the combination of barley, hops and oak.

Alcohol content

43% ABV


Award IWSC:

2019 / 2020: Bronze

Award DistiSuisse:

2019: Silver 

Goes well with

The Barrel Edition is perfect as an after-dinner digestif or to round off your day with a moment of refined pleasure.

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