Sold Out - Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky Master Distiller

A whisky rarity for connoisseurs

This limited bottling of 272 bottles matured for 8 years in a French oak Chardonnay barrel and is available in cask strength with an alcohol content of 57.7% ABV.

Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky Master Distiller
Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky Master Distiller


The special Chardonnay barrel No. 44 was personally selected by the Master Distiller. When it was introduced, this rarity caused a sensation among whisky connoisseurs.


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Full gold to pale and crystal-clear amber, very attractive glow.


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Full and soft textures with long-lasting and intense depth. It stimulates all the senses and unites them in a powerfully warm and complex mouthfeel.


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The scent of vanilla, mixed with tropical fruits and ripe peach aromas, rises immediately on the nose to be rounded off with subtle notes of unfermented tobacco and tea-like notes. Dried, sweet-looking cherry tomatoes and woody, roast notes make this whisky a complex experience, reminiscent of the finest Chardonnay.


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A fresh and fruity opening and impressively harmonious finish. The roast and tobacco aromas assert themselves and remain characteristically persistent on the palate. They are the crowning finale and hold together the complex flavour structure.

Alcohol content

57.7% ABV


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