Sold Out - Swiss Crystal Gin "BLUE"

Gin with Alpine botanicals and the Butterfly Pea flower.

Following a meticulous distillation process, the gin flows over a mountain rock crystal before being bottled.


70cl, 42% ABV, Fr. 45.00 incl. VAT

Shipping costs Switzerland: Fr. 25.00, incl. VAT (from 6 bottles free shipping).

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Swiss Crystal Gin "BLUE"
Swiss Crystal Gin "BLUE"


The Swiss Crystal Gin blue is delicately alluring. The second maceration lends the gin its typical taste. On the palate, soft juniper beguiles in harmony with a hint of pepper and zingy citrus. The addition of tonic water evokes mystically nuanced hues.


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Naturally glowing sapphire blue.


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Subtle juniper followed by powerful green herbal notes and a refreshing citrus bouquet of lemon, lime and bergamot.


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The vibrant clarity of the colour and the impression of the nose are comprehensively confirmed on the palate. The combination of soft juniper with a hint of pepper and the entire palette of citrus fruits creates an impressive product with a good balance and compelling freshness.


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Opens with warmth and depth, fresh mouthfeel at the finish.


Rugen Kiss by Restaurant Mühlirad, Bern

  • 4 cl Swiss Crystal Gin blue
  • 2 cl Rose's Lime Juice
  • 1 cl elderflower syrup
  • 15cl Zwickel Bier

Fill a glass with ice, pour over gin, lime juice and syrup. Top up with beer. Garnish with lime, orange zest and a sprig of rosemary

Alcohol content

42% ABV


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