Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky „ROCK LABEL“

Exclusive Swiss whisky stored in the mystical Rugen rock cellar dating from 1875.

The final maturation in burnt barrels of Swiss oak creates a whisky of the highest and finest quality.


50cl, 50.1% ABV, Fr. 69.10 incl. VAT

Shipping costs Switzerland: Fr. 25.00 incl. VAT (from 6 bottles free shipping). 

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Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky „ROCK LABEL“
Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky „ROCK LABEL“


Impressive, multi-layered whisky that is distinguished by its delicate combination of woody tart notes with vanilla and caramel.


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Sunny golden-yellow with a hint of Swiss oak.


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Pleasantly sweet to start with; very smooth, silky-soft texture, with an impressive long-lasting, full-bodied mouthfeel.


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Sweet sherry notes are enmeshed with fresh, fruity orange peel, light raisins and malty caramel notes. In addition to the retro-nasal subtle smokiness, accentuated cocoa roast aromas, which are rounded off with subtle vanilla notes, come to the fore.


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The sweet start evolves into a long and complex aroma. The delicate combination of woody and harsh notes combined with vanilla and caramel leads to a beautiful interplay and excellent balance. The whisky surprises with its warmth and flatters the palate with a soft texture. The Swiss oak seems to work particularly well in this respect.

Alcohol content

50.1% ABV


Awards IWSC:

2020 / 2021: Silver

Awards DistiSuisse:

2019 / 2021: Silver

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