Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky "CLASSIC"

Stored in Oloroso sherry casks in the Rugen rock cellar

Harnessing the power of innovation and traditional production methods, the Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky "CLASSIC" was the first whisky to emerge from the Rugen Distillery in 2008.


70cl, 46% ABV, Fr. 87.50 incl. VAT    20cl, 46% ABV, Fr. 32.40 incl. VAT

Shipping costs Switzerland: Fr. 25.00, incl. VAT (from 6 bottles free shipping).

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Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky "CLASSIC"
Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky "CLASSIC"


The classic whisky from the Rugen Distillery. Popular for personal moments of pleasure or as a gift from the Bernese Oberland.


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Sunny gold.


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A soft start and very easy on the tongue.


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A good nose with sweet vinous notes of sherry and hints of malty caramel. The fruitiness of apricot and peach can also be detected, together with notes of honey.


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The complex aroma of the nose is confirmed on the palate. Slightly woody, dry flavours are combined with vanilla and caramel to create a wonderful interplay and an impressive balance. This whisky is distinguished by a long and aromatic finish.

Alcohol content

46% ABV


Awards IWSC

2015 / 2017: Silver Outstanding 

2016 / 2018 / 2019 2020: Silver

Awards DistiSuisse: 

2011 / 2015 / 2017 / 2019: Silver 

95 points in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2012

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