Fleur de Bière

A noble spirit, distilled from fresh bock beer

We use our specially brewed, bottom-fermented stout from fresh mountain spring water, finest malt and selected hops to distil the noble spirit "Fleur de Bière". Our bock beer has a higher original wort content of around 18 percent.


35cl, 43% ABV, Fr. 31.—, incl. VAT

Fleur de Bière
Fleur de Bière


“Fleur de Bière” is distilled twice in a classic copper pot still. 1000 litres of bock beer yield around 100 litres of "Fleur de Bière". The essence of nature and a fine aroma.


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Clear and pure


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Multi-layered with a clear note of grain and complex fruit.


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A clean blend of fruity floral notes with grains and malt. The complex impression on the nose is rounded off by slightly nutty and spicy aromas, which flatter the fresh, subtly green-hoppy character of "Fleur de Bière".


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The very subtly sweet start uniquely unites the many different aromas on the palate. Balsamic, soft fruity notes evolve, which lend the product a degree of mellowness.

Alcohol content

43% ABV


DistiSuisse: Silver 2019/20

DistiSuisse: Silver 2017/18

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