Swiss Crystal Gin

Swiss Premium Gin with a unique character

Swiss Crystal Gin is distilled in the heart of the Bernese Oberland and refined according to a special method. Following the meticulous distillation process, the gin flows over a mountain rock crystal.

spdtnrgnbrch                                                                                                                               70cl, 46% ABV, Fr. 45.—, incl. VAT

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Swiss Crystal Gin
Swiss Crystal Gin


The origin of Swiss Crystal Gin is reflected in the Alpine botanicals and fresh mountain water. A refreshing hint of citrus fruit smoothly rounds off the elegant flavours of the 12 ingredients of this Swiss premium gin.


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Aromatic juniper scent rounded off by a fresh bouquet of citrus fruits, which is enhanced by a hint of peppermint, elegant cinnamon and cardamom tones.


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The typical juniper notes meld with a harmonious balance of lemon and tangerine aromas on the palate. The spicy opening is followed by a mineral freshness. The long finish unveils a composition of exquisite Alpine herbs and a hint of spicy notes.


Dry Martini, Swizzyroni, Something with CHCHCH, Be cool as a Cucumber

Find gin cocktail recipes by the acclaimed Zurich bartender Jennifer Ann Hunziker  here.

Alcohol content

46% ABV


Swiss Spirits Award: Silver 2020

IWSC: Award Spirit Silver 2020 - Score 90

DistiSuisse: Silver 2019/20

The Swiss Crystal Gin was awarded Silver at the 2017 International Wine & Spirit Competition in London, following up with Bronze in 2018.

DistiSuisse: Gold 2017/18

Spirits Artwork And Bottle Design Gold 2018

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