General Terms and Conditions of Rugenbräu AG for Events and Occasions

General information

1.1 Rugenbräu AG (hereinafter referred to as "Rugenbräu") rents its customers (hereinafter referred to as "Lessee") festival equipment (such as refrigerated trucks, refrigerators, dispensing systems, dispensing tents, etc.) in accordance with its separate list of festival equipment and supplies beverages on consignment (delivery of goods for resale).

1.2 These GTC shall apply to all rental and delivery relationships between Rugenbräu and the Lessee.

1.3 Orders for the agreed delivery day must be received by Rugenbräu AG by 11.30 a.m. on the previous working day (Monday - Friday).

1.4 Delivery conditions: According to the agreed delivery schedule. The return of sorted empties shall take place within the scope of the delivered full goods. Goods returns are excluded, except for fixed deliveries. If a wine does not correspond to the expected quality, e.g. tap wines, we ask you to keep it and report it to us immediately. Faulty wines will be reimbursed in the form of a credit note within 2 years of delivery. The wine will be reimbursed provided it has been handled and stored correctly and proof of purchase can be provided.

1.5 On-call service at weekends and on public holidays: The drinks can be collected from our ramp by arrangement with the person responsible for the on-call service - at no extra charge. We charge a contribution towards expenses of CHF 70.00 per delivery for deliveries carriage paid.

1.6 Unless otherwise agreed, the current price lists for drinks and the hire of party equipment apply.

2 Intended use

2.1 The fixed equipment provided shall be used solely for the storage and serving of the beverages supplied by Rugenbräu. In the event of violations, Rugenbräu reserves the right to suspend orders that have already been confirmed and, moreover, to take back and demand the return of any festival material supplied without notice.

2.2 In particular, the storage of all foodstuffs (namely fish, meat, salad, vegetables and dairy products, etc.) in the refrigeration units is prohibited. The same applies to cooking and barbecuing within sales stands. In the event of non-compliance, the tenant shall be responsible and shall bear the repair costs at cost (min. CHF 500.00 per object).

3 Reservation, Cancellation

3.1 Reservations are made in the order in which orders are received. To ensure timely delivery, an order (festive material and drinks) must be placed at least 15 working days before the desired delivery. All reservations only become binding upon written confirmation from Rugenbräu.

3.2 Cancellations can only be considered up to 14 days before the planned delivery. Cancellations received later will be charged 50% of the respective rental costs.

4 Delivery modalities

4.1 The delivery of the festival material and the ordered beverages is carriage paid to the festival site (unloading point) and includes return transportation. Access must be guaranteed for all vehicles (trucks). The organizer shall designate a contact person who must be on site, both for delivery and collection.

4.2 The lessee is responsible for the distribution and erection of the festival material. Tents must be properly secured to the ground and lashed down. They must be dismantled by the hirer if the wind speed exceeds 40 km/h or if there is a risk of gusts of wind/storms.

4.3 At the end of the rental period, the hirer undertakes to provide the festival material together with the empty and full beverage containers in a proper, cleaned, dismantled and ready-to-transport condition (corresponding to the condition on delivery; glasses must be washed) for return transportation. Any additional expenses incurred by Rugenbräu for the collection of unprovided festival material and/or the cleaning of dirty festival material shall be charged to the hirer at cost (CHF 90.00/hour).

4.4 The delivery of beverages shall always be made on consignment. The selling price shall be determined by the reseller, but may not be lower than the purchase price of Rugenbräu. Only clean, flawless and resalable beverages in original containers will be taken back.

For opened containers, only the value of the empties or container deposit will be refunded. Barrels/gas bottles are deemed to have been opened if the plastic cap has been removed.

4.5 Refrigerated trucks, refrigerated tents and bar trolleys are delivered without extension cables. The Lessee is responsible for connecting all electrical equipment in accordance with SEV standards.

4.6 For deliveries and collections on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays and at night from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., a surcharge of CHF 250.00 per order will be levied

4.7 A delivery surcharge of CHF 70.00 will be levied for goods worth less than CHF 300.00 (excluding rental of fixed material and containers).

4.8 The Lessee is obliged to check the delivery of goods and the fixed material for completeness and functionality upon handover. Any defects must be reported to Rugenbräu immediately. Subsequent complaints cannot be taken into account; in this case, the rights in respect of defects are forfeited and have no influence on the obligation to pay the rent.

5 Conditions

5.1 The rental prices stated in the fixed equipment list are for a weekend or for a maximum of 5 consecutive days. The rental period begins, depending on Rugenbräu's choice, on Thursday or Friday at the earliest and ends on the following Monday or Tuesday. A surcharge of 50% of the rental price shall be charged for each subsequent weekend.

5.2 Depending on Rugenbräu's credit check, delivery to the customer shall be made against full or partial advance payment or against invoice, whereby the payment period for invoices shall be 30 days.

6 Liability

6.1 Rugenbräu shall retain ownership of the festive material provided to the hirer for use and the beverages delivered on consignment, which shall be in perfect condition at the time of handover.

6.2 The hirer shall be liable to Rugenbräu for all damage to the party equipment and the beverages supplied on consignment. Damage (including any alterations) to the party equipment will be charged to the hirer up to a maximum of the replacement value stated in the list of party equipment (total loss). In the event of minor damage, the hirer shall bear the repair costs.

6.3 The hirer is responsible for insuring the fixed equipment provided for use against fire, natural hazards, water damage, glass breakage and theft at his own expense. The hirer shall be liable for the party equipment and for the beverages supplied on consignment until they are properly taken back (or returned).

6.4 Rugenbräu accepts no liability for damage caused by improper use and securing of the party equipment or a breach of these GTC. Rugenbräu shall only be liable for any defects in the festival material and any resulting damage in the event of intent or gross negligence on the part of Rugenbräu.

6.5 Swiss law shall apply. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Thun (place of jurisdiction for Interlaken).

7. exchange of sales statistics / sales data

7.1 The customer expressly agrees that Rugenbräu AG may make sales data on beverage purchases available to the beverage producers. The data shall be used exclusively for administrative and statistical purposes.

GTC as at: January 2024

GTCs as of January 2024
GTC as of May 2024

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