Oberland beer on the road


Over 5,500 people participated in our Oberland Line contest.

Oberland beer on the road
Oberland beer on the road

On November 25, 2022 we handed over the Lambretta to the lucky winner, Markus Schrag, atSK Moto-Sport.
Congratulations on winning the stylish Lambretta in Oberland design

Throughout the competition for the stylish Lambretta in the Oberland design took place throughout the summer. Oberland line took place.
Our Monika Erb, drew the lucky winner from over 5,000 participants. winner.
On 25. November 2022, the Lambretta was handed over to the winner, Markus Schrag.

How did you come across us or the competition?
My partner made a trip to the Rugenbräu for her birthday and discovered the Lambretta there. and discovered the Lambretta there.

What made you to join in the fun?
The cool We thought the cool design was just "wow". And also to ride such a Lambretta, we could imagine it right away.

Which beer from the Oberland line do you like best?
The Amber tastes very good to me and now it goes perfectly with the Lambretta.

Where will you take the Lambretta to first?
We'll pick it up from SK Moto-Sport in the spring and then go home. In the summer we will certainly go on many trips with it.

SK Moto-Sport
Marc Spycher, managing director and owner of SK Moto-Sport, is delighted with the winner. winner: "For us it was great to design the Lambretta in this stylish design of the Oberland beer and we would like to thank Rugenbräu AG for their cooperation. Rugenbräu AG. We wish Markus Schrag a good ride and lots of fun at all times."


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