Rugen Distillery launches new liqueur


The "Master Distiller Tropenhaus Edition II" of the Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky is available. This edition is the second episode in the Tropenhaus trilogy. The exclusive bottling is available in only 288 bottles.

Rugen Distillery launches new liqueur
Rugen Distillery launches new liqueur

Whisky has been distilled at Rugen in Interlaken since 1999. With the installation of the two pot stills above the brewhouse in 2010, the Rugen Distillery is now one of the largest whisky distilleries in Switzerland.

Rugenbräu AG and Tropenhaus Frutigen have been working together as partners for many years
. This gave rise to the idea of creating a joint whisky: In 2018
, three barrels filled with Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky were stored in the tropical garden of the
Tropenhaus Frutigen. The tropical climate with high humidity and a
temperature of around 23°C lead to a significantly faster maturation of the whisky and
a full to rich aroma. The "Master Distiller Tropical House
Edition I" was launched in the fall of 2022 and sold out within a few days. Now the "Master Distiller
Tropenhaus Edition II" is available in 288 bottles of 70cl each.

Tropical flavors
Master Distiller Philip Zollner was responsible for this edition. He describes the whisky as
follows: "The whisky matured for 5 years in cask No. 375 Pineau des Charentes, which gave the whisky a fragrance
of subtle vanilla and caramel. The whisky impresses with its particularly
voluminous body, which it owes to the climatic conditions in the tropical garden."
The second edition is part of a trilogy of Tropenhaus editions: "The "Master Distiller Tropenhaus Edition III" will be bottled and launched in the fall of 2023
. We look forward
to continuing this exciting project in collaboration with Tropenhaus Frutigen
," Zollner promises.

"Master Distiller Tropenhaus Edition II" - complex to sumptuous
Like all spirits from the Rugen Distillery, Master
Distiller Edition II was produced entirely in the Bernese Oberland using the pot still method. The whisky is offered at cask strength, unfiltered,
natural and untreated.
The Tropenhaus Edition II has a radiant yellow-golden play of colors. The aroma is reminiscent of
preserving jam, with a hint of tropical fruits such as passion fruit. On the palate,
the soft attack is followed by an interplay of ripe fruit, malty-spicy notes and a clearly
recognizable oak bouquet.
Inspired by the design of the first Tropical House Edition, the classic whisky bottle
is once again presented in striking packaging with tropical colors: The lush green of plants from
the tropical garden is broken up by orchids in delicate purple.
The "Master Distiller Tropenhaus Edition II" is now available in the Rugen "Gnuss-Wält".

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