Maha Lakshmi Indian Restaurant Thun

The Maha Lakshmi Indian Restaurant offers a colorful selection of traditional Indian delicacies from various regions of India . Enjoy authentic Indian cuisine in a cozy atmosphere at Panoramastrasse 3 in 3600 Thun.

Contact - the most important in brief

Maha Lakshmi Indian Restaurant

Panoramastrasse 3

CH-3600 Thun

Tel. +41 33 221 50 80


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The story

Balbir and Deepti Chaudry have been running the business for 16 years. In the beginning, they had to hold their own in the Thun square, but after a short time they were able to attract many regulars from the region.

Special milestones

Since December 2019, RestaurantMaha Lakshmi delivers their food in the region of Thun. In the pandemic period, the radius has always increased.

My Rugenbräu

How long have you been a Rugenbäu customer?

Since 2016.

What was the first Rugenbräu beer you served?

The Rugenbräu lager and non-alcoholic.

Which Rugenbäu beers do you currently stock?

The Rugenbräu Lager, Amber Oberland, the Alkoholfrei and of course the Spezial Dunkel must not be missing. The assortment is always slightly adapted according to the needs of the guests.

Which Rugenbräu beer is your favorite?

Balbir's favorites are Rugenbräu Lager and Amber Oberland. His wife likes to drink a cool Panaché.

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