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Pascal Fiechter: yellow-black or gold-black?

When When music by the Beatles comes out of a car in the black and gold Oberland Beer Design Pascal Fiechter can't be far away. But yellow and black dominates his free time, when he is a soccer player and supports his favorite club as a fan. his favorite club as a fan. Read more about Pascal and his attitude to life here. attitude to life.

The personality

Name: Fiechter

First name: Pascal

Function:Sales field service

Year of birth: 1983

With Rugenbräu since: 2018

Pascal Fichter
Pascal Fichter

My Rugenbräu

The Rugenbräu is for me ...

A Employer I would like to stay with until retirement. It means Work with friends and of course the best beer is offered.

My most beautiful moment ...

In There are many such moments in sales: at every closing with customers. Even the winning new customers is also a good moment. But the best is, is building and maintaining customer relationships, and sometimes these friendships.

My working tool ...

Laptop - Cell phone - sample beer - printed matter. And my car in Oberland design. That is an eye-catcher. It is amusing on the highway, the reactions are often a "thumbs up". But also on parking lots etc. people look closely, when the car is standing there.

My opinion

I appreciate that ...

Loyalty, honesty, humor.

This does not have to be (no go) ...

Corona (I don't mean the beer). And certain football clubs 😊.

Home for me is ...

As I was born in the city of Bern, and I like it very much. But my home is always there, where my family is.

My life

Always in the refrigerator ...

Rugenbräu, vegetables, cheese and very important: Caotina chocolate drink.

In the free time ...

The Family is the focus of my free time. But also football. I am myself active in FC Bethlehem and also coach the juniors at this club. Whenever possible, I go to all the home games of BSC Young Boys.

Me in three words ...

Loyal - funny - sociable.

My career

My milestones ...

Before my employment at Rugenbräu, I completed the gastronomy training at Gastrosuisse, G1 - G3, with the degree of Gastro-entrepreneur with federal diploma. diploma. Then I ran a restaurant with my wife and served Rugenbräu beer. After a stopover at a gastronomic consulting company I joined the Rugenbräu sales team.

My work ...

... is characterized by customer contact - and that's exactly what I like. What I find less exciting I find the administration. Introducing new products - such as the spring beer, which will be released soon, that's what I like.

My current project

Currently I am working with clients on pop-up restaurants in Bern for planned Public Viewings during the summer in Bern. Such projects, especially when Rugenbräu products are exclusively involved, are exciting. Now we hope that these ideas take flight despite the pandemic.

My inspiration

Makes me laugh ...

My three children. All in their own way: the 17-year-old daughter rather in discussions, the 11-year-old son as a full-blown rascal, and the 10-year-old daughter has a handle on using her status as the "nestling".

Is my role model ...

Quite Clearly my parents. They have been running a restaurant business for 40 years. Despite the Despite all the work, they have always taken a lot of time for us children.

My music ...

Per Depending on the mood: funk to rock. My favorites are clearly the "Beatles". This passion was given to me by my father.

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