Employee portrait

In the summer - and even so - he always stays cool!

Jürg Trachsel is a safe value in the chauffeur team of Rugenbräu AG. Safe and reliable and always cool: even in warm summer temperatures! He spends a lot of time on the road, both professionally and privately, and knows: "There are many, also astonishing, driving styles. There's no need to get excited about it."

The personality

Name: Trachsel

First name: Jürg

Function:Chauffeur CE

Year of birth: 1994

With Rugenbräu since: 7 years

Jürg Trachsel
Jürg Trachsel

My Rugenbräu

The Rugenbräu is for me ...

My Employer and good beer.

My most beautiful moment ...

When I drove the new truck to the Trucker Festival for the first time.

My working tool ...

A Scania 3-axle truck.

My opinion

I appreciate that ...

people, who do their work, even if it is sometimes hard.

This does not have to be (no go) ...

people, who whine and shift the work onto others.

Home for me is ...

The Gürben Valley.

My life

Always in the refrigerator ...

Yogurt, milk - beer!

In the free time ...

... I can be found at the Hornussen, Hornussergesellschaft Wattenwil. The sport is precise, rustic and sociable and is a tradition. It is nice that in 2021 championships can take place again.

Me in three words ...

Quiet - reliable - sociable.

My career

My milestones ...

As baker/confectioner, I came to the training as a chauffeur via the military. training as a chauffeur; and have stayed with it.

My work ...

Daily different tours to drive. Every day is different, different customers, routes and road conditions.

My inspiration

Makes me laugh ...

At Win hornussen, funny moments in the group.

My music ...

Everything. The radio is on in the truck.

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