Employee portrait

The fairy of the Rugen Gnuss-Wält!

Matching decorations, fantastically arranged gift baskets and the knowledge, which customer needs which product, all this and much more is known to the fairy in the Rugen Gnuss-Wält: Fabienne Hanselmann dreams of one day becoming a beer sommelière sommelier one day and is already promoting beer, spirits, wines and many and many delicacies.

The personality

Name: Hanselmann

First name: Fabienne

Function: Manager Rugen Gnuss-Wält

Year of birth: 1979

With Rugenbräu since: Summer 2016

Fabienne Hanselmnn
Fabienne Hanselmnn

My Rugenbräu

The Rugenbräu is for me ...

A A good employer with products that I stand behind 100% because I like them myself. like them myself.

My most beautiful moment ...

Daily, when I have grateful regular customers and customers in general here! After three years in the Gnuss-Wält you know the returning customers and can build a valuable relationship. Also the events, such as "Switzerland is burning", the wine ramp sale or the Swiss Beer Day are special moments.

My working tool ...

Besides the cash register and the computer, as well as muscle power to move the many drinks and to arrange them attractively in the Rugen Gnuss-Wält.

My opinion

I appreciate that ...

Good Friends and family.

This does not have to be ...


Home for me is ...

The Lake Thun and the Niesen: Where you feel good.

My life

Always in the refrigerator ...

Cheese and beer.

In the free time ...

Hiking, jogging and spending time with friends. Even an after-work beer with the team!

Me in three words ...

Always on the go - a little impatient - funny.

My career

My milestones ...

After I attended the hotel management school in Thun and then worked in Switzerland and abroad. and abroad. I was able to gain exciting experience in Japan, Australia and Abu Dhabi. Then one day I got the call from Remo Kobluk, Managing Director of Rugenbräu AG, asking if I would like to work here.

My work ...

We are a team of 5 in the Rugen Gnuss-Wält. I started here as the deputy and was very happy when I was allowed to take over the leadership.

What is current right now?

Now we're in the thick of the Christmas business, which is also particularly fun. We have a lot of options for individual gift baskets, for example. Especially bottlings, which are only available exclusively at Rugen Gnuss-Wält. available. For example "Port Cask Finish", "Islay Cask Finish" or "Limousin Edition".

My inspiration

Makes me laugh ...

The Jokes from Schnadi, our long-time visitor guide.

Is my role model ...

Robbie Williams: An absolute entertainment talent.

My music ...

80's years, Roxette, but also techno.

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