Employee portrait

Priska Meier skillfully combines her calm, upright nature with many horsepower

In the Rugen "Gnuss-Wält," she moves calmly and confidently, knows all the products and is happy to respond to customers' needs. The fact that until the end of August 2020 a Harley Davidson in Oberland design until the end of August 2020 is a perfect fit for Priska Meier. Priska Meier: In her free time, she rides through Switzerland on a lot of horsepower. Switzerland. Discover more about this exciting person here.

The personality

Name: Meier

First name: Priska

Function:Stv. Manager Rugen Gnuss-Wält

Year of birth: 1970

With Rugenbräu since: November 2016

Priska meier
Priska meier

My Rugenbräu

The Rugenbräu is for me ...

Home and part of the Interlaken culture.

My most beautiful moment ...

Especially exciting and beautiful was when the cooper was here and burned out the wooden barrels on site. burned out on site. Such events and traditions are valuable and show the handicraft of and around the Rugenbräu.

My working tool ...

Hands and feet to get around quickly in the Rugen "Gnuss-Wält", but also in the camps etc.. to get around. Of course, also the computer, the telephone and the cash register.

My opinion

I appreciate that ...

The family, the circle of colleagues and the Rugenbräu team. I also appreciate our region with its lakes and mountains - tourism is also part of it, which is invigorates. And the freedom we have here is just as valuable.

This does not have to be (no go) ...

To much traffic. Traffic chaos in general.

Home for me is ...

"My Bödeli". Where I am and where I feel good. And where I can drink a good Amber Oberland to drink.

My life

Always in the refrigerator ...

Enough Drinks incl. Rugenbräu Panaché and Twister.

In the free time ...

I enjoy kayaking on the lake or cycling in the region. A passion of mine is also motorcycling. My last tour was on the weekend to the Lac de Joux.

Me in three words ...

Situated - calm - communicative.

My career

My milestones ...

As a local, the Rugenbräu is somehow also part of my personality. At contact was made at the IGA and I applied, and now I've been there for almost soon 4 years there. Professionally, I have after the apprenticeship as Hofa in the Hotel Metropole, at that time still with the Black&White 😊, I attended the hotel management school in Thun. And before I came to the Rugenbräu, I spent 10 I ran a bakery in Costa Rica for 10 years.

My work ...

My work is varied with customer consulting, sales, orders, project acceptance, coordination between the departments, receiving visitors and organizing organize.

Current in the Rugen Gnuss-Wält

Just is a new hand bottling of our single malt whisky Chardonnay Cask, 5 yrs, available in the Gnuss-Wält.

My inspiration

Makes me laugh ...

Funny Movies and jokes in the output.

Is my role model ...

I pick out the good and positive things from each person.

My music ...

Metal and rock. I'm already looking forward to the next Greenfield Festival.

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