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The Rugen Wikipedia - Claudia Santiago

Here no question remains unanswered... with her professional experience at Rugenbräu and further training, Claudia Santiago is the information point for internal and external concerns. Combined with her passion for good things and the Bernese Oberland, there is no way around her when it comes to true enjoyment.

The personality

Name: Santiago

First name: Claudia

Function: Product QA/QM Management

Year of birth: 1984

With Rugenbräu since: Three years apprenticeship, then since 2017 again

Claudia Santigo
Claudia Santigo

My Rugenbräu

The Rugenbräu is for me ...

A part of me. In the apprenticeship it was always said: "The Bönig woman has beer in her blood".

My most beautiful moment ...

My Completion of my apprenticeship at Rugenbräu. And the launch in fall 2019 of the Brewer's Edition. No.:1 popsicle beer: When you can witness a product being developed, taste the result product is developed, the result can be tasted, and consumers enjoy it. consumers.

My working tool ...

Outlook and telephone: How did we do it in the past?

My opinion

I appreciate that ...

Directness, openness, fairness.

This does not have to be ...

Complicated Situations and indecision.

Home for me is ...

The smell of malt when in the morning, when I come to work, just has been mashed.

My life

Always in the refrigerator ...

Gruyère Surchoix, Lyoner from my parents' butcher shop, Rugen beer and tonic for gin and tonic.

In the free time ...

I spend a lot of time with my family. Together with my husband we like to go like to go out to eat. And newly I have discovered handicrafts for myself.

Me in three words ...

Maker - Organizational talent - creative.

My career

My milestones ...

Apprenticeship Food technology, specializing in beer technology at Rugenbräu. Language studies in Ireland and France. Mathematical BMS. Further education to become a food engineer specializing in consumer sciences and a marketing manager.

For development of a product and its promotion, including its label, it is an it is an advantage to know the brewing process: A lot of information also flows into the design. into the design.

My work and current projects ... ...

Currently (January 2020) I am working on many exciting projects. Epicureans can look forward to spring and fall: New products are coming in the spirits spirits range. The Brauer Edition No. 1 is being further developed for the fall of 2020. and we are already working on Brauer Edition No. 2 for the spring of spring 2021.

My inspiration

Makes me laugh ...

My son Rafi (14 months). Funny everyday situations. Old comedy series or also Hazel Brugger with her special way of analyzing world events.

Is my role model ...

My Grandma and my mother: Both are busy, full of energy and thirst for action. They never stand still.

My music ...

Reggaeton - there comes with me the "Zumba" fever! When driving rather Hard Rock like Volbeat - so I'm already looking forward to the Greenfield Festival.

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